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For your convenience, Greenspring Tours offers online payment processing by BluePay. In order to streamline the booking process we now can give groups the option to pay online and go. Before paying online you should contact Greenspring tours if you have any questions about your trip or the price. If you are not sure how much you should pay please contact us as many schools have trips going to different destinations.


At Greenspring Tours we strive to provide secure payment processing. Our payment processing is provided by BluePay. Bluepay payment processing uses SSL and please note that Greenspring tours AND BluePay are both PCI-Compliant. For more information on BluePay you may click here. For more information on PCI Compliance click here.


You may call us at: (410) 561-1119 or email us

Our office hours are:


9am – 5pm

When filling out the payment form please put your school’s or group’s name. For example, if you were going with Pinewood Elementary school you would put “Pinewood Elementary” under group name, and then the destination of the group. Please note, many schools have multiple field trips so it is important that you fill in the destination. Please contact us with any questions.

The cost per student varies based on the tour. You should receive information from your child’s school or teacher. If you are unsure on how much the trip you are going on costs. Please contact us.

Yes, we currently accept American Express.

If you are paying online, you will get a confirmation email from Blue Pay our online payment processor. Need help? Contact us.

The online payment option is only for your convenience. You do not have to pay online, you can also pay by check. Please contact us with any questions.